Pakistani Air Force Pilots Flying Turkish F-16 Jets | Why India Needs Russian Aquatic Tank Killer?

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Realizing the crisis could put Ankara in a serious national security predicament the country then turned to its ally Pakistan to train new pilots in a fast-track program and asked the Pakistani government to send trainers to fly F-16s.

Turkey sought approval from the US to allow non-Turkish nationals to pilot the F-16s, which was promptly turned down by Washington. The US had, however, allowed Saudi and Qatari pilots the Turkish F-16s.

The renewed aggression in the East Mediterranean Sea and Turkey’s growing involvement in Middle-East countries demanded full military preparedness. The country is currently militarily involved in many countries, facing major powers in Syria, Libya, and now in the Nagorno-Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Greek media is reporting that Turkey is already employing fighter pilots from Pakistan to fly its F-16s since the two countries started holding joint war drills in the Mediterranean Sea.

This startling revelation has been making rounds in the Greek media since 2017 itself, with leading newspapers reporting the claim. “With the support of Pakistan, the Turkish military is trying to fill big gaps left behind by last year’s (2016) failed coup attempt.

While the DRDO has been given a green light to move forward with their own version of the light tank, the Indian Army would also lookup for foreign vendors to fill this void – and one of the primary candidates is the Russian ‘Sprut-SD’ light tank.

Armed with a 125mm gun, this ‘light tank’ is capable of destroying enemy heavy armor, having the firepower commonality with the T-72, T-90, and the newest T-14 Armata tanks.

This also translates to be a logistical boon – as the same munitions would be used by these tanks. It is an amphibious tank-destroyer, much like its western counterpart Stryker Mobile Gun System, but having a bigger gun.

Sprut is currently in service with the Russian airborne units. It’s a legacy to the wide array of Soviet-era mechanized formations which include some of the most used ICVs like the BMP and BTR family. Its close relative, the BMP-3, has a 100mm cannon.

The vehicle weighs around 18 tonnes, which is about half as the Chinese counterpart, the VT-5, which sports a 105mm gun. Being lighter and carrying more firepower, the Sprut could enjoy a considerable advantage in the field, working in tandem with the Indian Army’s highly upgraded T-72 “Combat Improved Ajeya” tanks as well as the T-90s.

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