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HTGG's review of the song Petrol Station by UK artists, PS and Kwengface.

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Welcome back to HTGG, the one place for reviews on the latest TV Shows, Movies, Books, and Music. So make sure you like, comment, subscribe, all of that. Keep the support growing, and without further ado let’s get into the video.

Today, we’re reviewing the song Petrol Station, by UK artists PS, and Kwengface. This song hits the homerun of drill. The visuals are a step-up from what PS usually produces. But Kwengface always has creative videos. The beat again was different, and Kwengface can really show his talent on whatever beats he’s on. Ps added that grittiness and some of that wow factor to this song as well.

And in terms of the bad things well, I think that the theme and time of this music video maybe wasn’t the most appropriate. I think that if they were fully squadded up then this song would’ve hit a lot more. This is more of a song that if it comes next in the playlist, you’ll listen to it and let it finish, but you won’t go back to it to then have a second listen to it.

My overall review for this song is that that it gets a 7.5 out of 10. Some little refinements were needed but I'm happy to see these two on a song together again. What’d you think of my review? Is it too high? Is it too low? Let me know in the comments down below.

That’s all that we have for today, thanks for listening to this review. Make sure you subscribe to HTGG, and don’t forget to hit that notification bell! Follow our socials, the links are down below, and apart from that we’ll see you in the next one...


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