WOW...Millions $$ of the Most Incredible Watches on Camera! | CRM Life Episode 27

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How did we get so many crazy watches on this episode of CRM Life?! Not really sure, but we were really lucky to get a pick at some pretty amazing pieces this week...and a few that we had never, ever gotten our hands on before!

You'll get to see a super cool, Ressence Type 5. Yes, an oil infused luxury diving watch designed to withstand some pretty extreme conditions. Charlie almost dies and goes to heaven when he gets his hands on a client's 6263 vintage Daytona, a beautiful vintage piece that one day he hopes to be able to add to his watch collection. But why stop there? There's quite a few more.

When all is said and done, you'll get to see millions of dollars in incredibly sick, high end timepieces, including a few insane Richard Milles.

By the way, we feel that the watch market is definitely beginning to slow down. You can actually see the flattening out in prices, especially in the last three months, across many brands and models. This is not unexpected though, given that US Stocks (S&P500), which are highly correlated with the luxury watch industry, just had their worst quarter (Q3) and month (September 2021) since the whole pandemic situation began in 2020. The good part about all this is that we've been able to buy some very nice pieces as a result and hope to continue to doing so going forward into the close of the year.

Who is your favorite character of CRM Life? Let us know in a comment. Also, let us know what you would like to see in future episodes!

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